Deadly Coders have achieved DGR status
Deadly Coders have achieved DGR status

In a significant stride towards its mission of driving positive change through technology and education, Deadly Coders is now registered as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). 

This accomplishment marks a pivotal moment for the organisation and the communities it serves, opening up a world of opportunity, and catalysing its impact across digital literacy and skill development in the Indigenous community.

Understanding DGR status

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status is a recognition granted by the ATO to non-profit organisations and charities that meet specific criteria, enabling them to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals and businesses. This status not only provides donors with incentives to contribute to the organisations’ cause but also validates their commitment to transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulatory standards. It’s important to note that organisations with DGR status provide tax deductible receipts for donations that have no material reward or advantage. This usually means that gifts made to Deadly Coders as the DGR entity would be financial or in-kind support to enable delivery our programs to more Indigenous students.

Deadly Coders’ journey to DGR status

It is a significant step forward for Deadly Coders to be recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution. This journey is testament to our dedication to create lasting change in the lives of Indigenous youth and underserved communities through provision of technology education. It also demonstrates a clear alignment with ATO’s eligibility criteria, and adherence to stringent governance standards.

Benefits of DGR status for Deadly Coders

  1.Increased financial support: DGR status provides Deadly Coders with a powerful tool to attract financial support from a wider donor base. Individuals and businesses are more likely to contribute to organisations with DGR status, as they can claim tax deductions for their donations. This enables Deadly Coders to expand its programs, reach more participants, and enhance our educational initiatives.

 2. Enhanced credibility: DGR status reflects Deadly Coders’ commitment to governance, transparency of operations and responsible financial management. This reflects our standing in the not-for-profit sector and fosters partnerships, collaborations and endorsements from partner organisations, community networks, government departments and other educational institutions.

 3.Sustainability and longevity: With stability in attracting donations via DGR status, Deadly Coders can better plan its operations, invest in infrastructure and develop long-term strategics that drive lasting impact. DGR status powers our ability to achieve our mission.

 4.Investment in programs and scale: with long-term partnerships and funding models, powered by ongoing DGR status, Deadly Coders will be able to invest in refining and developing curriculum, advanced training materials and using technology to scale the reach and access to our programs for more Indigenous students.

As Deadly Coders continues to bridge the digital divide and close the gap for Indigenous students across Australia, we look forward to working with like-minded organisations to demonstrate the transformative power of education, technology and future-building skills for ALL Australians. Our elevation to Deductible Gift Recipient Status will only escalate our progress towards our mission.