Shell Energy’s support of Deadly Coders reaches one year milestone
Shell Energy’s support of Deadly Coders reaches one year milestone

Shell Shell Energy’s support of Deadly Coders reaches one year milestone

Deadly Coders’ innovative three year partnership with is providing hands-on digital technologies education to 300 Indigenous students along with funding support for the development of a tailored online learning portal, Deadly Coders Online. Through Deadly Coders’ culturally appropriate pedagogy, we’re not just teaching one-off skills, we’re empowering Indigenous youth to embrace their potential and shape their futures – exposing students to a world of coding and technology that they would not otherwise be able to access.

One year, three programs, immeasurable impact.

In its inaugural year, the partnership has already made substantial progress, delivering an immersive eight-week coding program in Minecraft Education to 20 Year 4 students at the Murri School. Additionally, collaborations with the Elders from the Minjerribah Moorgunpin Aboriginal Corporation led to the successful implementation of a two-day school holiday workshop, inspiring 40 children to become junior game developers by designing and coding their own arcade games.   These programs are designed to deliver hands-on learning activities, however they are also teaching essential soft skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and creative thinking.  

Filming commences for Deadly Coders Online

The first year of our partnership has also enabled Deadly Coders to kick-start the development of an innovative online learning platform being built to specifically cater to for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners.  Developed in collaboration with Indigenous educators, artists and instructors, the Deadly Coders Online offers coding fundamentals and resources tailored to Indigenous learners’ preferences and learning styles. Indigenous students will access an online, self-paced library of over 50 coding lessons filmed by Indigenous teachers. Filming commenced in April, and the platform will be released to the first cohort of students in July 2024. With content being continually released, this platform will ensure that tech and coding education is available in every corner of Australia.

Bridging the digital divide

In addition to the workshops that Shell Energy has funded, Deadly Coders is also thankful for the in-kind support of seven reconditioned laptops. Accessibility to fully funded programs, removing barriers to participation in the programs through devices and internet access, and actively engaging students with Indigenous mentors helps to bridge the digital divide, and foster a culture of innovation and skill development. 

Grant Maher, Chair and CEO of Deadly Coders, emphasises the significance of this partnership in advancing Indigenous STEM education “Programs like the ones delivered by Deadly Coders with support from Shell Energy can have a big impact on mob and help provide interests and opportunities that can make a big difference” 

“As we move into the second year of this partnership we reflect on a successful first year and look forward to continuing to grow the positive impact we have been able to achieve so far.”

Through initiatives like these, barriers to technological literacy are dismantled, and opportunities for personal and professional growth are created, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society. Shell Energy’s dedication to empowering Indigenous youth through education and technology sets a commendable example for corporate social responsibility and community collaboration.

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