Lenovo’s impactful laptop donation provides hands-on support for Deadly Coders program participants
Lenovo’s impactful laptop donation provides hands-on support for Deadly Coders program participants

In October 2023, Deadly Coders was delighted to receive a game-changing donation from Lenovo. The donation, consisting of 20 Lenovo laptops, had an immediate and profound impact on Deadly Coders’ program delivery.  

Immediately putting the laptops to use, Deadly Coders deployed the new devices to our two-day Minitendo programs, running at Queensland University of Technology, thanks to sponsorship received from Queensland Government.

The laptops provided essential tools for learning, and were deeply appreciated by some of the best and brightest students from Durack State School, who were participating in the workshops.

Elijah and Slater, Grade 4 students at the Durack State School, really enjoyed the opportunity to use the new laptops “It’s very easy to move the mouse on the touchpad” enthused Elijah, while Slater said “I can connect the computer directly to the Minitendo, which is cool” 

Empowering Indigenous Communities

Deadly Coders has been at the foreground of promoting digital literacy and technological skills for Indigenous students in Queensland. Our coding programs equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Importantly, positive exposure and hands-on experience to STEM at an early age significantly increases participation and selection of STEM programs in senior and tertiary studies. 

Access to Education

Lenovo’s donation helps Deadly Coders reduce barriers to participation and increase access for all Indigenous students. Participants are no longer restricted by the lack of personal devices, enabling them to use these devices to engage in in-person programs, collaborate with their peers and access a wealth of coding resources.  Our ability to reach more students through the generous support of companies like Lenovo, reduce our operational overhead. 

Impact on Skill Development

The Lenovo devices have not only facilitated access to education, but have also accelerated skill development among Indigenous participants. With access to state-of-the-art devices, students participating in Deadly Coders programs can hone their coding skills, explore new technologies and build a strong foundation for future careers in the tech industry.

“The whole team at Lenovo Australia is incredibly proud to support Deadly Coders and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide 20 of our devices for use in workshops. Lenovo’s vision is to provide Smarter Technology for All, and it’s through this vision we’re proud to help Deadly Coders on their mission to ignite career pathways in STEM to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across the country.”
Silke Barlow