Empowering futures: Deadly Coders’ Minitendo workshops inspire young indigenous minds.
Empowering futures: Deadly Coders’ Minitendo workshops inspire young indigenous minds.

Deadly Coders proudly hosted an exhilarating four days of Minitendo workshops for students from Hymba Yumba Independent School and Murri School. The workshop was delivered thanks to funding from Department of Industry, Science and Resources Makers Projects: Community STEM Engagement Grant. 

Hosted on Yuggera and Ugarapul land at the Brisbane Lions home ground, Brighton Homes Arena. 

Unleashing Creativity Through Code

In a convergence of technology and education, 60 students from different backgrounds and schools gathered to explore the fascinating realm of coding. The workshops equipped students will new coding skills, allowing them to design and code a series of games which were uploaded to their Minitendo gaming devices.  Participants created classics including Space Invaders and Pac-Man, breathing new life into these iconic games.

Empowering Minds, Igniting Passion

The energy within the workshops was palpable, as students delved into the world of coding with an enthusiasm that reflected their eagerness to learn and create. Deadly Coders focusses on creating safe, culturally appropriate environments that nurture curiosity and collaboration, inspiring participants to think critically and problem-solve creatively. The Minitendo workshops were engaging learning sessions, and really ignited passion and cultivated a sense of accomplishment among the young learners.

Mentorship and Inspiration from Industry Leaders

Grant Maher, our CEO and Chair, spoke to the students about the opportunities that exist in the Engineering and Technology space. His inspiring words reinforced our commitment to empower mob to explore the endless possibilities that STEM study and careers offer. 

The Minitendo workshops also gained an added dimension through the participation of our partners, BECA and Bennett + Bennett. These industry experts not only shared their knowledge with the students but also engaged with them as mentors, guiding them through the intricacies of game design and coding. A highlight of the event was an awe-inspiring Drone Flying exhibition that took place across the vast expanse of the Brisbane Lions training field. This mesmerising display showcased the potential of technology and left the young minds in awe.

A Glimpse into Another World of Opportunity

One of the most exhilarating moments for the students was the opportunity to interact with some of the players from the Brisbane Lions. This not only exposed them to the magic of coding and game design but also provided them with an insightful glimpse into the world of professional sports. Such interactions serve as powerful motivation, demonstrating that dreams can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

Deadly Coders’ Minitendo workshops at the Brisbane Lions Home Ground Brighton Homes Arena marked a milestone in merging education, technology, and community engagement for these young students. This event is testament to the power of collaboration in shaping futures. 

Our sincere thanks to all of our partners in helping to deliver this inspiring workshop for our future Indigenous leaders.  

Department of Industry, Science and Resources 

Brisbane Lions 

Junior Engineers 

Hymba Yumba Independent School

Murri School


Bennett + Bennett 

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